Custom Design Consultation/ The Custom Experience  $150


Getting a custom-made creation is not an everyday kind of service. That’s one reason consultation is important. 


Meeting with a fashion expert is important before getting your creation made. Bespoke designer Lureise Ryan will have a consultation with you before sketching your design to make sure we bring your vision to reality. You will need precise full body measurements to make sure your creation is a perfect fit, and advice on which direction to go with your idea and budget. This makes your outfits truly one-of-a-kind designed just for you.


All custom pieces are designed in the home of House of Kisses located in the North Atlanta suburb called Marrietta. Having your design idea created with couture techniques and quality fabric, not to mention handmade finishing for your creations makes sure the statements you intend on making clear.  


Check out my portfolio page to see the quality of my custom creations.


Our labor costs $75/hour including pattern making, fitting, cutting and the sewing process itself. Basic custom projects take a minimum of 10 hours so expect your deposit to be at least $750. It can vary depending on fabric selection, and style details. An estimate of the full cost will be provided upfront and agreed upon before any work begins, and full payment shall be processed once you receive your custom creation. I require two month lead time for booking all bespoke creations. 


A deposit to cover supplies such as fabric is required up front. It is an evolutionary process so  2-4 fittings are required before the garment is completed. 


The consultation fee will be applied to the final price. It is necessary otherwise, Lureise Ryan is not obligated to meet you and provide service. In order to keep this operation in effect, the cost of my travel and booked time will be covered with this fee. It may be more depending on the distance between us. Once your consultation is booked, you will receive an email to confirm as well as a follow-up reminder/confirmation one day before the time you choose to schedule.




What happens during a consultation? You meet with Lureise Ryan at you home to discuss what you plan on creating. A design agreement and confidentiality agreement will be set forth and signed for exclusive purposes.

Get full body measurements and fill out a client form to secure your request.


How can you prepare for your consultation?

Gather photos of pictures similar to what you want. Bring sample materials or anything that may give House of Kisses a clear vision of your idea. 


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