Custom Designs, Alterations, and Innovations 


Now it’s time to turn your visions into reality. After your consultation with House of Kisses, she will know and prepare what’s needed to construct your idea within your budget. Book a few hours with House of Kisses in the process of creating your one of a kind design to the end. With American University bought skills and innovative self-taught design techniques, HK can create something beautiful in less than two hours. You can come to her or she can come to you, although travel expenses do apply.


With the custom experience, you have the chance of getting something made less than the retail cost because you’re coming directly to the manufacturer. Instead of paying for the merchandise, you would be paying for the labor time it took to create the idea. This is the only shop you can be guaranteed exclusivity if you’re an exclusive kind of person but only if your idea is simply creative enough.

House of Kisses can also turn your Rags to Riches for the same rate. Bring all of your torn and unworn clothes and let’s bring them back to life!




What happens during the custom experience?

You meet with House of Kisses at the fabric warehouse to choose your materials and notions or you can explore what materials I have in house already.

Next, you return to the creator studio and you wait while your design is being custom created and tailored to the best fit. Once it is done you try it on, pay the full balance then go out into the world and become the spotlight.


How can you prepare for the custom experience?

Make sure the day you book is free. Bring the undergarments you will be wearing with your custom design. Bring sample patterns or anything discussed in the consultation before. Make sure you are ready to pay in person.




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