About this House of Kisses Club House :


A 6 week creation program that will show you how to save money and get started creating exclusive fashions for yourself, your family, and friends.

 You won't only learn sewing skills, meet other professionals, and start your own brand, but also a little bit about the science behind creation, and how to pull your visions into reality. You will be introduced to tools, my secret techniques, and resources I've found to be hidden  between the lines of success during my long journey to becoming a custom Fashion creator.


My Inspiration: 


Throughout my journey of becoming a custom fashion designer It seemed that my biggest struggle was knowing where to start, not only that a chance to prove I was worthy. If I started interning and working my way up in a company and even make it to the top, that's as far as I could go. I'd still have to ask someone for my vacation days. I Attended American Intercontinental University in 2008-2012. I choose to major in fashion marketing and design but halfway through changed it to fashion design and merchandising. Four whole years of college, I took about 4 classes that related to garment construction. I was just about finished and thousands in debt, yet barely knew how to sew on a button. 


All my financial resources were exhausted. I felt cheated. My mom's voice haunted me that time I told her I was going to college for fashion design instead of law "What you gone do? Work at the mall for the rest of your life." I couldn't afford to walk across the stage but I wasn't going to let all that time and skills go to waist. She was right. If I didn't have this drive i'd probably still be a fashion specialist at Lenoxx Mall. School taught me how to be a great employee. And I was. So good, I felt I could be doing something so much more meaningful with my time and ever growing passion to help women find exactly what they needed to wear. I cared about how good they would feel wearing my idea to an important occasion.


 I understand that when you look good, you feel good, then almost everything goes in your favor. I decided to find a job working from home to practice what I have already been taught and build from there. In sewing class it took about 3 weeks for us to make one pencil skirt. I thought myself that it really takes about 15 minutes if you use specific materials. But why did it take so long in school? Because it was a for profit school, which means they want you to spend as much as possible so learn a little, but you'll have to pay for the next level. I couldn't afford the first level to begin with, but loans where presented to me like go to school free passes. I was taught it takes a lot of money to make some money. But being poor, and not giving up on myself, I figured out a new way at the point where I felt all odds where against me. A way where you could start with what you have. 


I've always knew I'd be an artist, but didn't know what kind. So why didn't I choose to move to New York, Miami, or California which is most aspiring fashion designers in America dream destination? Those places are fast pace cities with attractions and powerful figures in fashion so by luck, you could become a star in no time people would say. I studied the stars. They were always striving for their next big hit, even after they "made it." That's when I realized success is not a destination, it is a process. My overall goal in life was to be happy doing what I love. I wanted to live comfortable in a stable, warm, affordable environment. I understood we need peace in order for anything imaginable to be possible. I got involved in the music and painting community along my journey. I found Atlanta to be a great place to be expressive. I started promoting my brand in 2012.


 I called it the home of creative genesis. I believe it takes a genesis to take something complicated and turn it into something simple. wanted creators like myself to have a network and platform where we could connect and help each other become our greatest versions. Its been a struggle being that people are still in a competition mind frame when this is a creative industry, where there is no way to measure greatness, only effort. My first year of business my designs were published in 6 national publications. I've gained clients from popular channels like MTV VH1 BET Lifetime, and have been seen in music videos, independent films and more. 


I am one person, though treated like a factory because I challenge myself every order by saying I can. Any skill or talent can be perfected through practice and repetition with proper timing and effort. My college professor told me to do what I love as much as I can and watch what happens. That's what I encourage to my future pupils.  I am working day by day learning and enhancing my knowledge to continue to rise above what is expected of me. We will not only grow together in skills, but as people our minds have to expand past what we believe is possible in order to evolve as our nation continues to rise. I'd like to connect with people and share what I've learned so far. I'd like to also re-install the practice of faith and conquer the fears of being good enough. 


Club Schedule : 






      Times (Pick One):  12-4 pm & 6-10 pm


       Location: Madam CJ Walker Museum


        if you miss afternoon class you can come to the evening class!



Submit Applications from 4/14 - 5/30

Registration Starts 6/1 - 7/30

Late Registration 7/5 fee: $25



 $150 non-refundable deposit Due June 1st

 $150 registration fee which covers the whole program Due July 11th



Chicago, IL United States | Lureise Ryan | houseofkissescreations@gmail.com | Call 312-600-8202