Wardrobe Stylist                                                       $150.00 one-time fee


Let me help you craft your image!


Whether it is casual, formal, social, or professional, this collaborative process with House of Kisses will have clients looking the role they choose to play.


Set Wardrobe Stylist                                                      $300 one-time fee

When the magic of creation comes alive

Let House of Kisses create on set and watch her work her magic! Creating beautiful garments on the spot is house of kisses favorite way to inspire a magical atmosphere.

Plays, Music Videos, Movie Sets, Group Photo Shoots and more!



What makes House of Kisses different?

House of Kisses studies individual style and take note on the things you don’t like while emphasizing on the things that you do. She takes note of the occasion, purpose, what you want to achieve at the end of the day. She pushes clients to be innovators and do what hasn’t been done before.

What is expected of House of Kisses?

House of Kisses will bring a rack of trendy fashion choices ranging in various sizes that cater to the theme of the occasion or set. She will also have tools on set ready to show off her skills and create beautiful garments needed on the spot at a fast pace making the fashion set wherever she is magical.