She is source. She is gold. She gives life to my creations. She is Soul



N’jie Joinville

Age: 18

Nationality: Haitian Dominican

Born in St. Martian

N’ Jie, but to make it easy for most, Angie, is a beam of lighting. Born in St. Martin she was taken to South Florida at 18 months. From there, she moved to Montrell where she learned French. Her family then moved back to Florida from Orlando, to Fort Myers, then up to Massachusetts, but as a young adult she’s decided to call Florida home.

Her talent is Gymnastics. She has traveled around the world doing what she loves, and continues to shine.  With a life of moving around it was hard for people to understand her. She was looked at as the weird black girl. Keeping friends was not easy. She learned how to speak up for herself.  Others would misunderstand her as rude. Hence her Instagram name, @so.blunt. She just keeps it real. Her motto is if you want something you have to work for it. You can also check her out on snapchat @iamso.blunt!

N’Jie was found by one of our casting directors Tru. She came ready to shoot with a great attitude having no idea what to expect. She listened and was easy to work with. It was a wonderful custom experience shooting her in her city Miami Beach! Watch out! She’s a blazing star! Miss Melanin Miami.

-Lureise Ryan

Hadorah J. Hall aka Princess Dotie

Nationality: African/American & Creole

Age: 26

She is an Atlanta native known for her bubbly personality and outgoing spirit. As a young black woman, she has accomplished achievements such as a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and her Bachelor’s Degree from Spelman College using it to teach the youth sex education for now. She has also grown to become the youth advocate for her family's company Future Seekes, a youth development company that specializes in numerous initiatives including the GA PREP initiative which she leads. Hadorah has become a great leader over time, but it was not easy. Like many of us, she was bullied in high school for only doing what she was told to do by elders. Lucky to be blessed with supportive parents that care she was able to cope, and dive deep into finding herself. She wiped her tears and kept it pushing. She easily got involved in extracurricular activities such as the drama club, cheerleading, basketball, 4-H Club, all at High School of Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy with only two friends by her side. Princess always wanted to be an entertainer. Being involved with such activities helped her develop certain personality and character traits she needed to do what she loves today other than teaching, which is entertaining, hosting events. In her early adult years her mother got sick, which made her take life a little more serious than her peers. Through it all, she made the choice to let go of what brought her down, and focused on the things that lift her up. And now she stands a stunning phenomenal black woman with a purpose and a mission ahead to assist our future in developing. Hats off to Miss Melanin Atlanta 2k16!

“Know who you are through continuous self-reflection because we do change who we are. One day we might like an apple, next day an orange but is you who have to make that final decision.”

 –Hadorah J. Hall

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