Corporate Website Design Rates


This is the most popular service that we offer in professional web design. Our Custom Corporate Website rates are extremely competitive.

We recommend Corporate Websites be integrated with a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can modify the content of your website on your own, without having to pay us every time. Another popular upgrade is to add a WordPress blog that matches your website design.


Ecommerce Solutions 
and Shopping Carts Rates

Ecommerce Solutions are what we like doing most simply because the results are so easy to measure. There are few things more exciting to us than when a client tells us they have increased sales by 150% because of a website we developed for them. Ecommerce solutions can range anywhere from a 1 page order form to a full blown shopping cart or subscription-based website. The cost is determined by the number of hours the project will take, plus any licensing fees.

Medical Website Design 
for Physicians, Dentists, and Others

Medical websites are quite similar to Corporate Websites though they require a bit more time to push them to the 'next level'. This is a competitive market and therefore we spend extra time researching your needs and helping with the process. We are able to integrate a wide range of billing systems into your web site as well as appointment schedulers and any other technologies you are currently using. Popular upgrades include video testimonials and patient education videos.

Our rates are very competitive and the total cost based on the needs of the client. Contact us for a free consultation.

Mobile Web 

Your customers are quickly relying more heavily on their mobile phones and accessories to access information online. We are on top of this trend and can create a mobile version of your website so that it will be accessible from a mobile device. Prices vary.

Custom Blogs and 
WordPress Themes

Blogs are a way for you to communicate with your customers in an informal way. Depending on your needs, we can approach things one of two ways: One, to use an existing blogging software (WordPress) and create a skin to match your current website. Two, if you need something more secure and customized, we use our own blogging engine and develop something that matches your exact requirements. Prices vary based on your needs.

Rush Websites

A typical, simple website takes us 4-6 weeks to develop. In the case of 'first to the market' or an urgent requirement to get your web site online quickly, we can arrange for designers to work on your project literally round the clock (this includes weekends and holidays). A Rush Project carries a 25-50% premium on top of our regular rates. December 20-January 10 Rush Projects carry a 100% premium. If all content is provided at the start of work, we can sometimes turn a full website around in just 72 hours.

Turnkey Websites

Sometimes you just don't want to have to deal with multiple vendors to get a project completed. This is where Turnkey Websites come in to play. We can handle the complete project for you! This would include interviewing your organization to discover your needs, drawing a blueprint, gathering or creating content, designing and building your website, search engine optimization, hosting your website, and search engine marketing, etc. Additionally, we can provide usability studies and ongoing surveys to measure the effectiveness of your website. These solutions are completely tailored to your organization and are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Hourly rates

While the above gives you an idea on cost of various projects, all of our programming estimates are based on the number of hours we expect the project to take. For smaller projects, we will give you a flat project fee so you can set your budget. For larger projects, we have systems in place to keep tight control of your budget. Hourly rates vary based on the type of technology or service used. Contact us for up to date rates.


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