One Night Only Dress Rentals   ONLY $25 per night    


Guarantee Exclusivity for one night, This service makes the glamorous look convenient and affordable

This offer is best being taken advantage of during

Photoshoots and Special Occasions 


Don’t spend a fortune on a dress you’re only going to wear once, when you can rent one from House of Kisses! The day has come where the normal girl can afford to look and feel like royalty. However the dress has to be returned by 12pm. It’s for one night only.



How do I select a dress and hold it?

Browse through the catalogue launched the 3rd of every month to see what items are available to rent. Call House of Kisses to receive a $75.00 

invoice to hold your item.


Or Book your day to hold the dress for $25 and submit the full deposit once the dress is recieved. The dress for the night is only $25 the other $50 refundable is to hold it.


When the dress is dropped off or picked up House Of Kisses offers will be ready to alter or tailor your desgin on the spot to ensure the best custom experience. 


A 50$ deposit is included to secure the condition of the dress will be as given. The deposit will be returned once the dress is returned.


Once you return your custom creation at 12 pm the next day you will recieve your full $50 deposit back

 Kept over 1 days expect to get $40 back

 Kept over 2 days expect to get $30 back

 If the dress isn't back on day 3 at 12pm, Congradulations! you just purchased a custom made dress from House Of Kisses


Where do I pick up and drop off?

Pick up and drop information will be disclosed in the invoice.


How long can I keep it?

Dresses should be returned 12pm the next day.


Can House of Kisses drop it off and pick it up?

Yes. Drop off and a pick up fee (caluculated with uber softwear) depends on location


What if the dress is kept longer?

Your account will be charged $10.00 a day until the dress is returned. The $10 will be deducted form the $75 you started off with, down to the rental fee $25 .






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