Get Ready... Set... Grow!

So we all know I have a passion for fashion yes. And many know I am a big dreamer with an unusual amount of guts and faith. But many don't know that fashion was not my first love. Sure it's what i've invested in the most, and what has molded my creative brand, but I have other passions I've been investing in as well just incase this fashion thing wouldn't work out for me.

Most people tell me to stay in one lane, but I am a creative woman, we all know I can't do that. My head is too big to fit in a box. That's like telling a baby full of candy to sit still. So here I am. Full of skills and knowledge from my years of college and interning with record labels, marketing firms, as well as many jobs in the marketing field I've been secretly working since I've launched my brand House Of Kisses. My other passion is writing. Not only writing books and poetry, which I've published just one small novel I'm too shy to release just yet. I also love to write music as well. Another passion of mine is business. I love the feed back I get from being on point, putting things in order, taking action, making transactions, and most of all helping people. So since I have this website, and creating is my passion, I hope you all don't mind If I drop off my literature here on my fashion website as well. I am working on other things privately that I will disclose upon the success of the business venture so hopefully I can grow without corruption of this gruesome industry (based on my experiences with celebrity clients). You can look forward to my poetry, and words of inspiration from my angels that's helped me along the way. Hope you like! Please email me feedback I'd love to hear how you can relate. - Lureise Ryan

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