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Websites (Digital Portfolio) Web design is a lot more than just putting a pretty face on a web site. Sorry, guys! Web design makes use of various sets of skills. Web design is intentional and it has purpose. In other words, it's beauty WITH brains!

When you come to us for your web design, we will develop a well thought-out, expertly implemented plan to fully accomplish your goals. This process is usually kick-started when a Stone Soup client refers you to us. The conversation would usually go a little something like this:



Bob: Hey Mandy. Where'd your big company get that super fabulous website?


Mandy: From my new friends at House of Kisses! They're the only people I'd use for professional web design.


Bob: Great! Thanks. Do they do custom design work or do they use the same tired templates you see on other sites?

Mandy: Oh no. The design is all completely customized. It's really cool. They center everything around your ideas and existing image.

Bob: That's exactly what I want, but that all sounds a little expensive?

Mandy: Quite the contrary, Bob. They are actually 25% less than the average firm in Atlanta and 50% less than some of the very large ones!


You know what, if you don't believe me, try submitting your own Quote Request and see for yourself! Oh, and if I'm right, I think that's a meal on you, don't you think?


Bob: Ha! That's a deal! Thanks, Mandy. I'll contact them today!

Ok, so maybe the conversation won't go exactly like that, but one thing's for certain – our clients like us and confidently pass our name on to their friends! To get an exact quote on a project, fill out our Quick Quote Request Form.





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