Pull Your Visions into Reality!

 House of Kisses is an intimate luxury fashion brand that provides one on one personal services. The spirit of the designs captures rich quality materials and timeless styles. We provide custom handmade items ranging from contemporary to classic. Our company is inspired by the desire to create a beautiful reality from scratch. House of Kisses is not just fashion, its art stemming from a passionate creator. Unlike any other fashion company, the designer spends quality time making individual pieces by  Lureise , not in a sweat-shop. As this revolutionary trend of being one-of-a-kind takes off, House of Kisses has been the poster brand for "Creating Your Own Reality." You can be sure of HK launching trendy fashion-forward collections at a fast -pace. In between creating custom ideas for clients, House Of Kisses is constantly sparking inspiration and challenging the theory of creation, believing that if you can think it, you can create it, but only with love, does creation become magic.  


Chicago, IL United States | Lureise Ryan | houseofkissescreations@gmail.com | Call 312-600-8202